Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Old Navy loves me

so I'm super sad right now that I don't have my camera (ahem...Wes...) to show you some pictures of my super cute clothes I got at Old Navy today! I basically followed the simple shirts, tank tops, hoodie, jean rule I made and it was super easy! I got several cute things that I will wear forever and that will be perfect for the trip! yay for me!

So. Here is what I have left to do after Eli goes to bed each night:

tonight: clean the house
tomorrow: finish my paper
Friday night: laundry and start packing

not too bad eh? I think I can handle that.

I sort of got freaked out today about Eli's passport. He really doesn't resemble his picture that much to me. They will let him leave right???I'm sure they deal with this kind of thing on a daily basis, but for some reason I just kind of got a little crazy about it.

I'm so excited to be leaving, but I'm sad that I won't see Ebony for that long! We have a house/dog sitter coming to stay so that's nice, and actually Wes will be home for part of the time too! (of course... I leave, he comes home...)

oh gosh! how have I not posted this yet?? My beautiful cousin Susan got engaged! yay!! We are so excited for Susan and Mason! The family likes him, which is always good, and more than that, he's willing to marry into our kind of strange at times family!

They live in San Antonio and he proposed to her on the river walk, and some passersby took pictures and emailed them to Susan! So sweet! Congratulations you guys!


It's just me... said...

No one looks like their passport photo sweetie. I promise they'll let your baby go to Europe. I LOVE Old Navy! They have the softest T-shirts ever, and nothing has to be ironed. That's what I've got packed in my suitcase (going to Seattle next week) too. We'll be cross continental twins!

Missie said...

yay for the riverwalk in San Antonio.
If the wedding is down here.. we HAVE to see you. No questions!

The Wilsons said...

I think Eli still resembles his passport picture. He may not to you, but I can still see that its him. His nose, mouth, and big dough eyes still look the same, his face has just gotten longer. No worries! And, gotta love Old Navy! It has come to my rescue many times!

Terroni said...

I was laughing when you said he didn't look like his passport picture. I'm sure that you see all the changes because you're his mom, but it looks like him to me.

Ashley McWhorter said...

He'll be fine. That one made me laugh. :) You should see our pool passes!!! Good-night-nurse!!!! We look like aliens or something!

Yea for Old Navy! I wish they would step up on there maternity attire. Oh...did I tell you I was preggo? :)