Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today at school we had our annual Veteran's Day celebration! It's actually really cool because we have a really big AFJROTC and so they do a formal pass infront of all the veterans that come to the program. They announce all
 the different wars, then play the specific songs of each brand of military and the veterans stand to be applauded. It's really cool. Our students probably don't really appreciate it as much a
s they should. Although there is real live war going on right now in their lifetime, they don't see it as high school students during WWI or WWII or even Vietnam would see it. It's interesting and sometimes frustrating at some of their behavior, but overall they get that they should be respectful and do what they can... for the most part. 

Two of the younger schools came and they were so adorable! One of the elementary schools all had little American flags that they were waving and it was really sweet! 

The only downside of the day was that since it has been raining all morning everything was wet! They had wiped down the bleachers as much as possible (don't you worry... I brought towels just in 
case!) but our pant legs were soaked! I sat with Katie, Liz, and Adam and was laughing so hard because Liz's pant legs were really wet and she was getting cold! She wrapped up in one of the towels and tried to wrap me up with h
er but I wasn't having that! haha.. she was like, "aren't you cold?!" and I said, "not cold enough to wrap up in a blanket!" haha.. yeah, you had to be there huh. :) 
As we were walking in, there was a group of emo kids (I know some of them and love them! They are so funny!) but they were being very emo at the time and not wanting to go into the program. Liz said, "let's go guys, it's hard to be emo on Veteran's day." Hahahaha... uh oh. Is this another you had to be there moment? dang. Anyways, it was really funny. The emo kids, staying true to form, didn't laugh. shocking.


GloryandGrace said...

Haha, I can totally picture and laugh at the interaction with the emo kids. Don't you just want to shake them sometimes and force them to evoke SOME kind of real emotion??

I think that's great that your school takes time to have such a meaningful memorial service, and I think it's great that they've continued to do even when so many students don't understand the importance of it.

Penny Rodgers said...

It's funny that we call them "emo"...I think we should change it to "anti-emo."

Gotta love them, though!

Yomaida said...

I teach kinder so I don't experience much of this but, I can totally see it being funny!!!!! :-)