Monday, November 17, 2008

the rat

Here's a quick update:

Wednesday: Wes was home so we hung out with Eli! Doesn't he look so cute in his new pjs? I went to Target and bought him about 4 new sets because that child is continuously growing and was wearing out his old ones!

Thursday: I went and tried on my bridesmaid dress for my sweet cousin Susan's wedding in February. She had about 8 different styles we could choose from but only wanted like 2 of each style to show up so I wanted to go early to get pick of the litter :) They were all really pretty but most definitely not all pretty on me! haha... there was a really sweet girl helping me out and we narrowed it down to three, then to two, and then we were stuck for a while. I ended up getting the one that made me look a little slimmer than taller, rather than the one that made me look shorter and wider. Saying it like that sounds like a no brainer but if my torso had been even an inch taller that second dress would have been perfect! I tried walking around as tall as I could but had a reality check moment and knew I couldn't do that the entire wedding so I went with the other one. :) It's really pretty though!

Friday: Friday was my "study for my final day" and I always do my studying with Julie because we always take the same classes together. My lovely mother was on her way to pick up Eli to watch him so Julie and I could study. She called me to tell me that she was getting close so I could be sure to have Eli ready. I hung up the phone and Eli was playing with this drawer by the TV and slammed his fingers in the drawer and of course, started screaming and crying. I
 snatched him up and was headed outside and then my cell phone started ringing. It was Wes. Then my home phone started ringing at the same time. Eli is still crying so I bypass the phones, take him outside with Ebony so he can calm down. We get outside and I see Ebony kind of sniffing around more than usual. Eli is starting to be ok and I start looking around. I turn towards my house and that's when
 I see it. The rat. The sick disgusting rat (who proba
bly lives in the field behind my house) that is now literally about 4 inches from my back door. I really don't want Ebony to see him because that is a bloodbath I could not stomach at the moment so I make Ebony go back
 inside, put Eli in the house with a snack, and of course come back out to take a picture for you guys! ewwwww!

Saturday: I woke up bright and early, went and picked up Julie, dropped of Eli, and went and took my final in Dysfunctional Psychology. I did awesome!! She had the key 
up at the front so we could check our answers after we turned in the test and I'm pretty sure I only missed 3 out of 50, so whoo
 hoo for me! That night I went to Sarah's house to hang out with her and Jennifer and it was really fun! We ate pizza, salad, and a lot of cake and the kids just ran around and played!

Sunday: My parents went to church in town so I decided to go with them. The guys were playing in Arkansas and Oklahoma and got home last night right before church at Fellowship. We took Eli to the nursery and went to "big church" and after it was over of course went to get him. He was screaming and crying and the nursery worker was holding him. The other kids were playing and having fun... not Eli... I'm sure they hear this all the time, but Eli is not like that! He seriously isn't! But, he wasn't feeling that great 
yesterday and it was close to nap time... I guess... I don't know. I just hate that! It makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

Last night we met the guys at church and Eli did great! He loves being around everyone because he gets to play and everyone hangs out with him and tickles him. 


Whitney said...

You are such a beautiful mommy! I think you have a lovely rat too, we should name him. What was that rat's name... Tarleton? Templeton? Something like that. Oh, and I really love Eli's pj's. He's such a stud.

Penny Rodgers said...

A rat! GROSS! You're one brave woman out there takin' a picture of it!

sarahdodson said...

You've been busy! That's a sweet picture of you and Eli:) The pic of him in his pj's is adorable; he looks so proud!

Jennifer-Colley said...

you were a busy busy girl this weekend! Glad the rat wasnt in your house!


That is the biggest rat I have ever seen. Are you sure it's not a guinea pig? Freaky. Eli looks so cute in his jammies! You'll have to post a picture of your bridesmaid dress.

CC said...

I love the pics!!!!!!

Dysfunctional psych? I need your help about a 5 year old ODD child whose mom is in denial.

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