Sunday, November 30, 2008

I need to do this

so I will start blogging again. I guess since we had a week of holiday I took a holiday from everything! So... here I am friends! Here are the highlights:

- Eli had a cold all week. neat.
- Eli threw up all over Wes after his bottle one night. also neat.
- I ruined my Christmas surprises from my parents. they thought that was neat.
- I got to see all my family!
- I had a lot of really good food!
- I loved being with Wes and Eli so much!
- Ebony ran away but then Wes caught her.
- Liz started a blog! 
- We got our check in from the contest! yay!
- Wes traveled from Arkansas, to Louisiana, to Dallas, to Abilene, to Austin, and back to Dallas.
- Eli is doing really great on walking on and off.

I know... it's not my best work, but I'm so glad to be home and can't wait to catch up with you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!


Buffy said...

Oh, how I have missed you so!! Glad you had a great break!! How exciting to get that big ol check in the mail!!! Enjoy every penny!!! :) hehehehe!!!

★Susan★ said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! Wow, you had a super busy week!

Penny Rodgers said...

Speaking of West Texas, Jeff and the band will be in Lubbock for Ignite in January! I'll be there takin' photos, and bein' a go-for for my husband who runs production. Let me know if you're gonna come!

You guys were all over the country for Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a good one, though!

Alene said...

How fun!!! Pictures are precious. NO wonder you got a check. Blessings this holiday season.

sarahdodson said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Sweet pics:)) Glad you got the check. Hope Eli feels better soon:(

CC said...

That is so, so, so, so, so awesome that he won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still bitter that my son wasn't a finalist in a radio baby contest I entered him in when he was 11 months old. He was SO much cuter than those "so-called cute babies". ;)

★Susan★ said...

I emailed you a blog header that I made tonight. I know you don't check the email that often, so I'm telling you here so you can look at it!

sarahjane said...

money money money money.... can you hear the tune behind those words?

I am so pumped for you. You were a busy little beaver this holiday... as I expected nothing less:)

I am, by the way, so excited for your counter tops and sink... you too are movin on up sista!