Monday, November 3, 2008

Is laughter really the best medicine?

So the other day Wes and I were in a fight. Who knows about what... probably something selfish or insignificant since I can't even remember what it was... Anyways, we were trying to get over it and move on with our lives. That day we had our couch and carpet cleaned and so our carpet was still way too wet to walk (or crawl) on so I called mom and asked her if we could just go to her house. She was hanging out with a friend that night, so we wouldn't get to se her but we would get to be on dry ground! yay! 

So, we load up Eli (wearing a long sleeved shirt and a diaper), Wes (wearing house shoes, sweat pants, and a long sleeved shirt, Ebony (wearing a collar), and me (no makeup due to my OCD tendencies of pulling off all of my mascara and sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt and flip flops). ...just hang with me with the attire... I tell Wes to throw Eli's jeans in the car and I went back to get Ebony's leash. We ha
ve everything we need so we head off to my mom and dad's. 

On the way there we decide we'll just grab something to eat and take it over there. We were passing by the new Sprouts that had opened and I said, "hey! That new Sprouts just opened. Maybe we could go in and grab something healthy for dinner." Wes said, "sure." and we crossed three lanes of "traffic" and turned into the Sprouts parking lot. Great! Easy, breezy, no fighting, a little bit of tension, but doing good so far.

Wes parks the car and I get out to get Eli out of the car. It's kind of cold out so I asked Wes to come around to that side and help me put Eli's jeans on him. He comes over, holds Eli's jeans out and I start trying to put Eli in those dangling pants. Meanwhile, Ebony, the miniature pinscher spastic dog that we have, is literally bouncing all over the car and going nuts. We ignore her craziness and continue to attempt to dress our son in the worst way possible. 

Please take a moment to remember that this Sprouts has just opened in the past couple of days at this point and it's like 6:30 pm so there are a TON of people everywhere! 

We almost have both of Eli's legs in the jeans when Ebony jumps out of the car and starts running around the parking lot!! Wes drops the jeans and starts yelling at Ebony to come back and starts walking after her.

Now... this was the first time that I had experienced Ebony running away when it's cold outside, we are in crowded parking lot, and my child is half dressed. I seriously did not know what to do! Isn't that odd? I wasn't panicked, I wasn't scared, I was just completely stumped on what my next move should be! I couldn't run after her holding Eli half dressed and I couldn't just put Eli back in the car, shut the door, and go after her, so I decided I would put Eli's pants on him myself. :)

I go around to the other side of the car, lay Eli in the seat, put his jeans on him, grab the leash and start looking for Wes.

All I see is Wes' head bobbing in and out of cars all over the lot and I can tell he is getting SO mad... of course! I start 
walking towards Sprouts and then I see Wes walking back to the car. He comes around the side of a car that was blocking my view of him and yes, he has Ebony in his arms bringing her back to the car. Let me say that Wes is a very gentle man and would never purposely hurt Ebony... haha... until that moment. He was basically holding her as tight as he could with one arm around her body and one hand around her neck. ...poor Ebony :) He throws her in the car, slams the door, and just stands there.

I start laughing hysterically because I am way over whatever fight we were in by this point and I think this whole situation is one of the funniest things that has happened in a good while! Wes at the moment, does not think the situation is that funny, and is starting to get even more mad because I'm laughing so hard! I think at one point he makes a comment that will be edited for this program, but it was along the lines of being so mad that he might want to harm himself in some way. oh man.... tears are streaming down my face because I'm laughing so hard. We walk into Sprouts, literally walk all the way around the perimeter of the store, leave Sprouts, walk back to our car, and drive to Whataburger. 

hahaha... I'm still laughing. 

I love you Wes.


Lorren said...

So funny!! I've been on both sides of that: laughing and being laughed at.

Ashley McWhorter said...

And that my friend, is why we DON"T have a dog! :)

Jennifer said...

That is too funny!

lkalivoda said...

oh my goodness..that is so funny....mmmm whataburger....making my tummy growl!!!
hope you guys have a great week!!

Kate, Drew, and Em said...

I'm crying just thinking about it! Ha! I have a similar situation involving a stroller, a baby, and a community fishing pond.


Wes looks cute in his glasses, although not as cute as Eli in his jeans. I love pudgy little baby legs!

sarahdodson said...

laughter definitely helps:) That's a great story!

The Milfords said...

That was hilarious and somehow familiar....