Monday, April 23, 2007

8 to 9 weeks? Are you kidding me?

Today I called my doctor's office. They open at 8:30. I called at 8:29. Thankfully, someone answered. I said, "hi, I'm a patient here and on Saturday I got a positive pregnancy test." She was very nice, asked me about my period, and then we set a date. I know they hear these things probably almost every day, but I think I needed some sort of validation from her. I think I needed her to say "Yes! A positive pregnancy test means that you are absolutely, without a doubt, 100% pregnant!" Why? Why do I need that?? I just don't know... And do you really have to wait that long to go in???

So am I really contemplating buying yet another pregnancy test? YES!! HECK YES!! geez. Why am I like this? Pregnant people of the world: do you feel this way too? Am I the only one?!

I can't stop thinking about it. I pray at every free second in my head, God please please PLEASE let this baby be strong and healthy. Sometimes I say it out loud. I know a lot can happen during 9 months...especially the first trimester. (sigh) God please please please let this baby be strong and healthy!!!

Are my thoughts going to be running 100 mph during this entire pregnancy? I'll let you know...

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