Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The size of a poppyseed

When you think about how tiny a poppyseed is, you think, "wow. that's really small." How can something so small do SO much! I mean, I am wiped out! I'm not even kidding! I am so tired! Is that possible? I keep reading and reading online and yes, lots of other newly pregnant peeps are super tired as well. Who knew? Wow. I'm really tired.

Every day I'm biting my lips not to tell my kids at school (I'm a high school teacher). I mean, I want to tell them so bad, but it's all for selfish reasons like:

A. you have to be nice because I'm pregnant
B. you have to listen to me because I'm pregnant
C. you have to cause me absolutely no stress at all...because I'm pregnant!

(sigh) that would be nice...haha...

It's still so long until my doctor's appointment. I'm still slightly annoyed by that. :)

Wes has been reading the books that I have been reading about the first trimester. He is know "in the know" on all things first trimester! haha... he's like "ok, it's normal that you're feeling this way" or "you are textbook pregnant." hmm...what does that mean exactly? .....I am way too tired to think about that one.

Well little poppyseed, you can make me feel however you want as long as you stay healthy.

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