Sunday, April 22, 2007

Two Faint Lines

So yesterday morning I took a pregnancy test. And when I say "took a test" that really means that I took six of them...yep, $57 later, I was pretty sure that I was pregnant. The first day of my last period was Sunday, March 25. That makes my due date December 30, 2007. wow. This baby better be born in 2007! What a great tax write off! (oh you know you were thinking the same thing.)

I've called almost everyone that I know. But the best person I told was Wes, my husband. Wes was so cute about it. He kept saying, "Are you serious? Are you serious?" And when he finally believed me he said, "WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!" hahaha...gosh I love him.

Well, today was the first day of week 5. That's really week 4 of pregnancy, but for some reason they like to confuse everyone and count the week of your period. is keeping me updated on all that is going on with my growing little sac of cells. This is my first. It's probably going to be interesting.

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