Sunday, April 29, 2007

A picture after my own heart.

I love Sundays. I love going to church and seeing all my friends, and now I love Sundays because those are the days when I get my weekly baby updates. Today is the beginning of week 6, and all the websites call it week 5 since those weeks leave out the period. always sends out the really clever updates that tells what's going on with the baby and what's going on with me! Love it! Today's weekly cartoon suits me to a T. It's exactly what I did and that's exactly how I felt/feel! Don't you just love it when that happens? Plus it reassures me that I'm not crazy :)

Wes is leaving today. He's going to Abilene for a big celebration for his dad! I wish I could be there! I haven't seen his folks in awhile and they are so precious! Definitely wish I could see them more often...

Today my stomach hurts a little bit. I think "hurt" may be too strong of a word, but it just doesn't feel good... I probably need to eat something.

Oh...and I didn't make it to the gym this morning, but at least Ebony and I did make it through a 20 minute walk. That's better than nothing!

Tomorrow is a teacher/student tennis tournament. I have a feeling I'm going to be freaking exhausted...I was looking forward to this thing so much! (sigh) but now...bring on the rain.

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Liz said...

AMEN sista!! Let's see some rain drops, even flooding,hail perhaps...ANYTHING!!?? Love ya!!