Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Amanda Martin- Wylie ISD- Cancelled

So...I show up to the conference yesterday morning, bright and early at 7:45 to try and figure out what I was supposed to do! I call the main office, they were like "hmm....maybe you should come over here." I miraculously maneuver my way to their building, and present myself. The very sweet people in there were like, "for some reason we have you down as cancelled." WHAT?! I was trying not to panic, because that would be ridiculous, but I HAD to be in this conference! So, after a few moments of waiting, a conversation with College Board, a few more moments of paperwork being filed...THEY LET ME IN! WHOO HOO!!!! So, I didn't allow myself to feel humiliated since it wasn't my fault...and because they let me in. (smile) A huge sigh of relief! I walked my ever growing self over a couple of blocks and made it to class right on time! Of course, I had no materials, no nametag, and no record of being on the attendance sheet. However, someone didn't show up, so I've been walking around all day yesterday and today wearing a nametag that says Brittney Duvall. I hope she's ok, but I am very thankful to have a spot!

Everything's going well in the land of pregnancy. I finally bought some pregnancy capris. They are definitely too loose but the squishing into my jeans just wasn't going to cut it for sitting in a conference all day long. So, now I have two options! My pregnancy capris or my oversized shorts. :) I'm going over to my friend Jennifer's tonight to pick up her stash of pregnancy clothes for the fall and winter. I'm so thankful!! I love having the greatest friends ever!

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Susanlee said...

hehehe I'm glad they let you in. Make sure to take off the Brittney nametag before you drive home, if you get stopped for some reason the police might think that's hinkey.