Friday, July 20, 2007

The beating is over.

Today I finished my final drive to and from Ft. Worth. And, as promised, I did my very best to use that time to do a lot of laughing thanks to Kidd Kraddick, and a lot of singing and praising to Jesus! However, I will say that on more than one occasion I would feel anger sweeping over me for someone who was driving wrecklessly or that was going way too fast or way too slow...I do confess that. And you learn a lot about your own character driving alone during peak traffic hours...the good and the bad. But, the week is done and I can honestly say that the workshop was worth it. I feel so much more prepared for next year which will of course bleed over to bless my sweet kids in having a much better teacher!

Today also makes this sweet baby 17 weeks along! I still haven't felt the baby move yet (I don't think) but my tummy is definitely expanding as I have already mentioned.

Wes is coming home today and I couldn't be more excited! I did get envious of our friends Jennifer and Coby though because I read that they also get to go on a vacation this summer! (sigh) I would love that...Wes and I would LOVE that! Everyone keeps saying to do something before the baby comes, but nothing has fit or worked out in our favor yet. And if nothing does, I will just be happy to have him home for awhile! (which of course won't be for another week...)

Well, I'm off to learn about Reality Therapy! My group is presenting that next week in class. I am so grateful that I am able to go to these graduate classes. I feel very blessed and very favored to have the opportunity and for my husband to take on extra work to pay for them. (smile) Thank you Wes!

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Jennifer-Colley said...

amanda-just wanted to let you know that I do read your blog. I hope that you and wes do get to go on vacation sometime before the baby comes, if not I am sure that you will be able to go after too! maybe we could go somewhere together! =)