Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tomorrow might possibly be humiliating.

Well tomorrow I am starting the "week of a beating." The week of a beating is the week that I have to drive from my house in Wylie all the way to TCU in Ft. Worth. For those of you who can't actually visualize that, our friends at mapquest say it is 60.68 miles and should take 1 hour and 14 minutes to get there. OH MY GOSH!! Are you serious? The week of a beating is from Monday thru Friday. I have to be there at 8:30 and it doesn't end until 4:30. Now, I promise to try to be positive. I'll hopefully use the time to sing my little heart out in the car or catch up with some prayer time...however, I will continue to call this the week of a beating. :)

Now, why might tomorrow possibly be humiliating? Let me tell you. The reason for the week of a beating is that I will be attending an AP Psychology conference. I am really happy to be at the conference considering I am the only AP Psych teacher at school and sometimes I feel like I am not smart enough to teach that class. So, this conference will be excellent to boost my confidence. HOWEVER... I put down the deposit for this conference like in May, but the conference has not been fully paid for since Wylie ISD doesn't get new money until July 1. The business operator at our school has been on vacation after that, and won't be at work until tomorrow. So, the conference still has not been completely paid for. I also have not received any schedule of anything from the conference. The leads to me thinking I might show up to TCU, I will not be registered, the course is full so I can't go in, and I will have to leave in shame, and out my $150 non-refundable deposit. I will let you know...

On to more happier news, Wes has been home all weekend so I have loved that! We went and saw Transformers and I loved it! haha...seriously! I thought it was great! And I made it to church on time today! What a great day :)

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Susanlee said...

Hmm...well on the bright side, if you get there and get kicked out, you'll only have to make the drive once...and probably save $150 in gas...I hope that's not how it turns out though. In spite of the drive, I bet you have a great time!