Friday, July 6, 2007

Off to Abilene....I love that town!

Today Wes and I are traveling to Abilene for Meredith's sister, Hannah's, wedding. We all went to school at Hardin-Simmons University there and loved every single minute of it! I love Abilene because so much happened there. We all learned to make new friends, pay bills, live off of like $5.00 a day, find our faith on our own, and that friends can be your family too. We LOVED it! So, I always like going back there because my lovely amazing beautiful friend Rachel lives there and because when we all go back, we get to pretend we're in college again, for just a little while.

Happy wedding day Hannah!

I don't have many HSU pics on the computer since it has been awhile... haha..

A blast from the past...

Me and Rachel

Friends from HSU: Christa, Rach, me, Dana, Missie, and Mere


Christine said...

Do you remember that year I saw you at the college conference thingy with your home chickens from HSU ... and some guy you knew "asked about me" ... and you were like, "DUDE! That's my YOUTH MINISTER'S WIFE! SHE HAS KIDS!!! EWWWWWW"

Oh well. I had just lost 80 lbs. I was happy to take a compliment anyway I could get it! ha!

Susanlee said...

We drove through Abilene recently and even though I know you don't live there now, I thought about you the whole time, because I knew you went to school there. Weird.

Christine said...

Oh, and I haven't passed along some great baby info to you in ... what? 48 hours? So, here ya' go. Her stuff is great, too. I used her "No Cry Sleep Solution" approach with all of my foster babies: