Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer luvin'

wow. It has been awhile since I've been here! Several things have happened, and I'll start with the most recent:

Today: I went to the doctor's office and on the way there I downed a whole small thing of gatorade so I would for sure have to pee! I can't always pee on command, even being pregnant, so I wanted some sort of guarantee! It worked :) Anyway, my appointment was short and sweet. My uterus is growing right on schedule, my baby's heartbeat is wonderful (and I LOVE hearing that by the way) and I was outta there! But, before I left, I scheduled my next appointment, and more importantly, my next sonogram! WHOO HOO!! I can't wait! Hopefully, if this little baby cooperates, I will be able to tell boy or girl on August 16! That just makes me so excited, I cannot even tell you! I totally respect the surprise thing, but I HAVE TO KNOW! haha... anyways, I am very ready for that day!

Yesterday: I had a Student Council pre-camp meeting with the kids. We go to StuCo workshop in two weeks and we needed to discuss some last minute things. The kids came up with their camp shirt. It will be a black t-shirt with light blue font that says on the front: WHS StuCO and on the back: Jump on it! They chose that so they could have "jump on it" as their theme song. hahaha... oh the joys of high school. Those kids crack me up!

Then I went to study for a counseling theories test which is on Saturday (yikes!) at Julie's house. much to little time...

and then I went to Dallas to see Meredith and we went to see Evening. I loved that movie! But, I pretty much like all movies~

Last week Wes was home all week (YAY!!!). I love that week! It comes once a summer usually and I get so spoiled by seeing him everyday! It's even better because I don't have to work in the summer so it's whatever we want to time all the time! LOVE IT! Last weekend we went to Abilene for Hannah's wedding and had SO much fun! Here are some pics from the weekend:

Wes' mom, Carol, got two new kittens! They were so cute!! The striped one is Tater Tots and the solid grey one is Buddy! P R E C I O U S!!

The girls showing that I am indeed pregnant

Mere, Rach, and me...we couldn't get the dang sparklers to light after the wedding so we did this instead :)

Rachel and I in the church before the wedding

Me and Meredith after the wedding

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Susanlee said...

You look beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good time! So when you find out girl or boy you'll tell us like immediately right?