Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding Nemo

Things in baby world are going pretty good! I haven't felt very good for the last few days though. I think that I'm attributing that to my diet. For the past 2 weeks I have not been eating very well. One week was camp, and I did everything I could to eat the healthiest items available, but this camp didn't do that good of a job at providing nutritious options unfortunately. Then the week before that was all drive through. And again, I would try to stick to the grilled chicken options, but you can only eat so much of that! (sigh) So, since I'm now at home for awhile, I've been able to eat some fresh veggies and fruit and I am feeling much better! I know that the baby is fine, considering he gets the nutrients first, but I obviously wasn't getting enough for my body! Those prenatal vitamins are lifesavers!

Today was such a fun day! Since the aquarium disaster for Amy's birthday happened (meaning, we drove all the way there and it was closed), we decided to get up this morning and get there when it opened so we would have plenty of time to see all the animals! I haven't been to an aquarium in a really long time and I love stuff like that anyways, so I was super excited! Now I will have to admit that place is pretty pricey but my mom blessed us today by paying for our ticket! Thank you Mom!! So we got to see lots of really fun exhibits but our definite favorite was the cute and cuddly manatee!

He's hard to see, but can you find Nemo?

Isn't he just so precious?!

I just had to include this one! This little girl LOVED the manatee so much!

Here we are by the fish!

This tunnel was so beautiful!

And here we are at the end of the day!


Christine said...

That was the one downtown, wasn't it? I LOVE that place!

Jennifer-Colley said...

Coby said "Amy looks so old"! Thanks for reading my blog. Coby is determined to find typos for me so I think I am just going to have him edit it everytime! =)

Susanlee said...

Oh my gosh I'm so scared of fish, you'd never get me in there. The manatee though is the cutest thing ever. I saw a video once of one running into the wall of the aquarium and his nose smashed it was SOOO cute!!

sim said...

That place is one of our favorites! And only a small loan to get in...

i tagged you! better get on over to see what's up!