Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bringing Home Baby

Are you people watching this show on TLC? I think I may have talked about it before on this place, but I'm slowly becoming addicted to this show. This is the one where they film the first 36 hours after you bring home your baby for the first time from the hospital. At first this show really scared me...it seemed to me that I was only catching the episodes where every possible thing could go wrong. But the more (and more and more and more) I watch it, the more I LOVE it! I mean, it really has helped me think of that time and maybe be a little more prepared than I otherwise would have. And every show talks about the importance of a support system and all of that, and I think my support system is going to be amazing...you know, Christmas time, lots of family, most of everyone is in a good mood! So, thank you TLC for not giving up on me! haha... even when I didn't want you to, you kept playing that show! Who says tv rots your brain?!

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Christine said...

I think I only saw that show once or twice, but - yes - the first one I saw had the woman with a very dysfunctional mother, major breastfeeding issues, quitting on day two without reaching out to anyone else for help, lots of fighting ... ugh.

The best thing you can do those first few days is just enjoy it - as weird and simple as that sounds. To say you have an awesome support system is the understatement of the century! Just hang out with your baby. If something goes a little "off" then just keep hanging with that baby until you two work it out. In the meantime, let everyone around you bring things to you, talk to you, laugh with you, clean up your house for you. They WANT to do those things.

First mothers worry way too much (I was the president of that club when I had Mack). If that child is peeing, pooping and has good color, just keep hanging out.

I charted every little burp and dump with my first. With Andrew, I realized that I would notice if he wasn't peeing on a regular basis. If I went to change him and the diaper was dry, I would just wait til the next one - and there ya' go - WET! No charting. No freaking. Just hanging out ... laughing ... sleeping ... more hanging out ... napping ... making fun of my relatives with my husband behind their backs ... and more napping.

You have nothing else going on. Your job is your baby, so let everyone else do everything else. THEN you will truly enjoy those first, fleeting days. Because you'll look up two weeks later, and that little angel will already look completely different.