Saturday, June 9, 2007


As of yesterday, I am 11 weeks along! WHOO HOO! (sorry Kel...Wes has the camera, so it'll be a few weeks until I get another picture up.) Even though I'm nearing the end of the First Trimester, I'm still not feeling better in the morning. I don't think it qualifies as morning sickness, but maybe it does. It's hard to eat breakfast just because my stomach is unsettled. I don't feel like I'm going to throw up, but I do feel like my stomach is hurting a little bit. Hopefully that will all magically go away when I get to the Second Trimester. And people keep telling me...over and over again...that this Second Trimester is a magical time so they better be right! haha...

So I have been savoring every single summer day! Some teachers are bored out of their minds in the summer. I am not. Some teachers get summer jobs. I should, but I do not. Some teachers complain that summers are too long and students will forget what they learned. I do not. I LOVE SUMMER! So I make the most of every lazy summer day. I visit friends, I lay around, I clean house, I go to the pool, I go to the park, and I really want to start volunteer somewhere. I LOVE SUMMER!

My graduate school classes start next week, which reminds me that I need to order books. It is a beating how much they charge for college textbooks at the bookstore... so I just look at every place possible online and order them from there, as I'm sure most people do now. I'll be taking theories/methods of counseling and career counseling/guidance. So, if any of you need help in any of those areas, talk to me at the end of the summer (smile).

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