Wednesday, June 6, 2007're adopted...

Well, yes I am. Yesterday I had my medical history check-up/blood test day at the doctor. Basically it was short and sweet. I do have sad little veins that barely show up on my left arm, so blood always gets taken from my right arm.

So after the bleeding part, I went into the office and sat down with the precious nurse, Judy. She asked me a long list of questions, all, and I mean ALL to which I had absolutely no answer for. You see, I was born in the 80s...haha... so I don't have much info. Really I think it was more because I was born from a 17 year old that just probably didn't know much about her medical history. You could look at it like, "oh, the entire medical history isn't there because they were the pictures of perfect health" or, "yeah, she probably just didn't know much." But that's ok. I've been happy and healthy so far, so surely that will continue on with my child.

I have this form sitting by the computer next to me. I think this form has literally been sitting here for almost 2 years now. It's a form that you can fill out, send in to the state of Texas, they keep in on file for 99 years, and if anyone whether it be a parent or sibling, sends in their form looking for you, there is a possiblity of making a match. I have never sent in the form. I see there are two sides to it. There is the side that would be awesome to know some sort of history of my birth parents, and then there is the side that it might not be awesome to know some sort of history of my birth parents. :) But that is the beauty of being adopted they way I was adopted. I can choose to send in the form, or I can choose not to send in the form. (knowing full well that someone else has to send in the form on the other side...) I don't know. I don't feel it's a pressing issue at the moment, so the form will remain right here, next to this computer for safe keeping.

All is well with Mini Martin as far as I can tell! We made our first debut in our bathing suit yesterday! was with my dear friends Sarah and Jennifer. What a fun day. :)

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Christine said...

When and if the day ever comes, call Carol Demuth at Buckner and have her facilitate "reunification." Just some FYI to put with the form next to the computer!

As the daughter to an adoptee, I can say that not only did my dad benefit from having contact with his birth father, but so did I. He never thought that the rest of us had "missing pieces."

And whatever you have wondered and imagined - just know that it is what it is. It may be better and it may be worse. It's just answers.

What I have always found with birth mothers, however, is that they all desperately love their children, and not a single day goes by that they don't think of them. Women tell me that all the time. They are heroes, to have such love yet make such a sacrifice for their child.

My daughter's birth mom would have given anything to parent her - ANYTHING. Yet, she had nothing to give that could make it work. Her family could not make it work.

Know that wherever she is - she loves you and thinks of you. Your lives may not look like a fairy tale or Oprah special, but that doesn't negate the love that exists.

Oh, and on a lighter note: even though we have a fully open adoption, Presh has been kind enough to come up with medical conditions that even baffles her birth family! Lovely!