Saturday, June 16, 2007

"You're only 12 weeks and you're already spreading out!"

Let me just have a venting moment...and a moment of self reflection.

I was telling a mom today that I was pregnant but that I hated this stage because none of my clothes fit right and by body just feels like it is spreading out. No, it literally is spreading out...I'm even measuring different and I haven't gained weight! Anyways, she then says, "You're only 12 weeks and you're already spreading out! Girl I didn't look a thing different until I was 5 months along!"

Well, thank you for that mom. Thank you for, instead of trying to be empathetic (we were in a COUNSELING class by the way...we are ALL in that class because we all want to be HELP people...) she decides to just tell me what happened to her. And I am very happy for her that she didn't look or feel one bit different until 5 months along, but come on! Give me a break! Do you really have to say something like that to a female that is talking about her body image? No, I don't think you do.

So, I am choosing to use this a teachable moment for myself. I am going to do my best to always choose my words every situation...especially when someone is being vulnerable and talking about a sensitive issue, whether I can relate to it or not. So, thank you to you counselor friend mom. Thank you for reminding me of that valuable lesson.


Christine said...

Stupid people shouldn't breathe.

A Mere Thought said...

What a buffoon.