Thursday, June 14, 2007

Everyone can't love everything...right?

So lately I've been doing some pregnancy readings and watching some pregnancy shows. I don't think I have an easy gag reflex and I don't get grossed out that easily either. HOWEVER! There are some things I have learned...which are natural, and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with them...but I think they are gross. And you can't tell me that every pregnant woman thinks every single part of every single phase is just this beautiful glorious thing! But even if that's true, I am not afraid to stand alone!

1. the fetus will swallow amniotic fluid and then urinate, by the end, a lot of the amniotic fluid is urine- SICK

2. the baby will form a waxy substance on their body to protect them from the fluid (miraculous I KNOW OK!)- still SICK

3. when they come out and they are all bloody and creamy and sticky the doctors just plop that baby on top of you all gross and stuff- SICK

Now, feel free to judge. But those are my true feelings :)


Christine said...

And we all laugh as that baby pops out and they are all bloody and creamy and sticky the doctors just plop that baby on top of Amanda all gross and stuff and she cries like a big fat baby as she declares, "You are the most beautiful baby in the whole world!"

HA! I know because that was me. Mackenzie looked like she had been in a bar fight, her head coned to the SIDE, she had a bruise from the forceps (black eye), her hair was a cakey mohawk ... yet it took months and months later of seeing a picture and finally saying, "WHOA! That can't be the same kid? Wasn't she unbelievably gorgeous when she came out???"

You'll surprise yourself, and after a few hours (or a few months) finally see the reality - that they're pretty nasty those first five minutes! Ya' know, in a beautiful way! LOLOLOL

A Mere Thought said...

Thank you, Christine.

Amanda, let love in. :)

sim said...

yeah, i kept saying avery looked like e.t. and my mom was getting annoyed. c'mon...newborns are not all that cute. although they do improve after a good cleaning up. they didn't put avery on my chest right after birth. i don't think i even realized it. i got her after she had been rubbed down. they did put asher right on my chest and i remember thinking "ew".