Friday, December 7, 2007

37 Weeks!

Ok! We have made it to full term! YAY! I realize that full term means 37 weeks to 42 weeks, BUT I love knowing that he is all developed and now Eli is just practicing all his smooth moves for when he's in the real world!

I'm doing fine. I honestly have nothing to complain about since this truly has been such an easy pregnancy. But I can say that I would welcome a few days in the hospital whenever he's ready! :) Work is fine, my kids are great... I'm just DONE (as I've said before). I can't wait to go to the doctor on Monday! Hopefully something will have changed in a week...but I know not to get too set on that being the case.

Anyways, this is me and one of my students, William. Another student, Kyle, took this picture of us. William has a globe under his jacket...and well...mine is the real deal! haha... not much difference though huh?! Happy 37 weeks! (right?!)


Susanlee said...

This picture made me laugh and laugh!! You're still so skinny, just all belly you lucky girl! I can't wait for E to make his appearance either!!

Christine said...

Ooooooooo ... I'm getting so excited for you.

Nothing ... absolutely nothing ... is like the amazing explosion of love you have for your children ... and the amazing explosion of love you have when you see your husband with them.

Even in the exhaustion, it's no less earth-shattering.

I still have a picture of me and Julia L. in Levelland. She would always shove her purse up her shirt when I was preg. with Andrew (my stomach was CRAZY BIG!), just to make fun of me. My stomach was just as much of a weird, pokie shape as her purse!!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

That is an awesome picture! look amazing! By the way, how much are they saying that Eli weighs right now?!