Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 more days

8 more days of what? 8 more days until Eli is born! Are you freaking out right now? Because I sort of am! :) Here's the scoop:

I have been blessed with one of the easiest pregnancies I have ever heard of. No morning sickness, no hemorrhoids (yet), only my feet and ankles got really swollen, and just some minor irrational emotional outbursts. Everything was smooth sailing until this past Saturday. Saturday I woke up to being a totally different human almost! I had this intense terrible back pain that would come in surges (without being in labor) and then the migraines began. I've had migraines off and on in seasons since I was a junior in high school, but I haven't had one single headache my entire pregnancy, so the overwhelming force of these events was well...overwhelming! Anyways, yesterday I went to work not feeling too good, but I need every day I have so I went anyway. Well, that lasted a whole 3.5 hours, our fabulous assistant principal Keith found me a sub and off to my house I went. I stayed in serious pain all day until 3:15 when my doctor's appointment was. I actually showed up there at 2:40 hoping that they would be running ahead of schedule and get me in! I was basically in tears. (very dramatic, I know). :)

So, I explain the situation, I get examined and then I meet with my doctor in his office. He gives me a prescription for what is basically a suped up Tylenol which was like gold to me, and then we start talking about a possible induction. I have many reasons why I want to be induced before Christmas so I told him about those and he understood, and then thankfully, he expressed his opinion about not wanting Eli to get too big where the delivery could be more complicated than needed. We've talked about almost every option of how to give birth over these past 9 months, pros and cons, and Wes and I feel like the hospital option is the best for us and I will gladly take the epidural. So, after both sides were presented (again...haha...since I have brought this up the past oh, 4 visits) he took out his calendar, made a phone call, and said, ok, you're going to have this baby on Wednesday, December 19...unless Eli decides to make his grand entrance on his own before then.

I will go see Dr. Vines on Tuesday, December 18 at 11:00 AM to get checked. I will check into the hospital that evening at 5:00 to start the cervical softening since there is no guarantee that I will be totally effaced and all of that on my own (but I am well on my way...yay!). Then, if all goes well, Eli should be born the next day on December 19! Isn't that so cool?!

Being pregnant, I've heard what seems like every horror story possible. From inductions, to water births, to the "regular" water breaking go to the hospital... but, every story is different and every story is important. I'm just not going to base my decisions on other people's horror stories...haha... I feel really good about this and I am completely full of excitement! (especially since that prescription works! whoo hoo!) So, there we go! 8 more days!


Chelsey's Chatter said...

hahahahahah..man I'm cracking up over that picture! I know that expresses EXACTLY how you're feeling!

Dec 19?! Whoo hoo! Is someone going to be blogging to let us know of the big news? And if you're up to having vistors after he's born, I would love to come see ya'll! 8 more days!!

The Mellberg Family said...

I'm so happy for you. It will be hard to find the time because all you will want to do is hold that sweet baby but please keep us updated. I will try to post pictures of the blanket, blogger wasn't working yesterday.

Missie said...

Yay! I was induced also, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Good luck! Have fun.. Eli is almost here! He will be 10 days shy of a year away from Lauren!

Susanlee said...

OH MY GOD!!! this is the biggest news EVER! You have to keep us updated!! I'm going back to San Diego in the morning but I'll be checking the blog and I'll be back Monday. Cross your legs until then!

Jamie Mills said...

Wow... The End Is NEAR! :) Congrats to you... Just get some sleep and keep us updated! I'm so excited for you and Wes. Being a parent is like nothing else in the world... it's so great! Aahh! Just a few more days of peace and quiet... and then the FUN begins! ;)