Friday, December 21, 2007

I literally CRAVE him! He is so beautiful!

I'm waiting on Eli to get done with his little circumcision... poor guy... so I had to "see" him or I will go crazy, and I wanted you to share in the fun! There are several days worth of pics, so if you are just now getting to see him (Runks!), scroll on down! :)


Susanlee said...

Aww poor Eli!

Terroni said...

I got here from Susan's blog.

My sister is due in about two weeks. Although I'm not really one of those women who sees a baby and wants to nibble its tiny, precious feet, I have to admit, seeing your pictures makes me a little excited to meet my niece.

Congratulations, Amanda.

Catherine said...

I ADORE him! He is perfect!