Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eli's Stuff

Well... I still don't have Eli's room completely finished yet. I'm really not stressed about it though because the big pieces are in place, everything has been washed, and Eli won't know the difference either way! :)

Things I still need to do:
  • find a place for the random items in his room
  • hang up the rest of the artwork
  • put pictures in the empty frames
  • clean out the bottom of his closet
Here are some updated pictures of his room. Not much has changed except it has a lot more little things in it now which makes it so cute! I know I'll feel better when everything else is on the walls, but I don't feel like swinging a hammer right now so I'll just wait for Wes to get home!

Here is the pack-n-play Wes' aunt and uncle got us. I love it!

And the stroller that my aunt and cousins bought us :) Super cute!

The swing that everyone swears will become my new best friend...haha.. from one of my mom's best friends, Suzan

And this is for you Susan! Here's our tree that can't compete with yours! :)


Christine said...

Yup. That first time you're at home alone with the baby and you have to pee and maybe - MAYBE - even shower, but he's really fussy ... you will literally kiss your swing!

Susanlee said...

Eli's room is so beautiful. I love that it's sophisticated and not all babied out, but that you can totally tell it's HIS y'know? As for the tree, it's lovely, at least on par with mine, and you get bonus points because there are actually gifts under your tree!

Jennifer-Colley said...

The nursery is so cute! I hope that someday we will get to see it in person! love you guys and cannot wait for Eli to get here!

Missie said...

The first time we put Lauren in her swing to rock.. because when they are little bitty bitty and they don't weigh enough, it is like a roller-coaster swinging everywhere... she took a 6 hour nap. Ahhh.... And I slept.. it was beautiful music!

under the Eagle's wings said...

aww the christmas tree is so cute!! and yes, i love cvs too. it's some of the customers who are---well---difficult =)

sim said...

that room is too cute! can't wait to meet that cutie Eli of yours!