Sunday, September 21, 2008

9 months old

Eli turned 9 months old on Thursday, Sept. 18. Every time he turns another month old I try to take some time and just try to feel those feelings I had the day he was born all over again. I talk about what happened, and how he finally made it to the world, and how it was to see him for the first time and eventually hold him for the first time. I loved every second of that whole experience after he was born. I love Eli so much...

Here are all the things (I can think of) that he does right now:

  • he babbles and says "dadadadada..." all the time
  • he crawls everywhere and is very fast now
  • he likes to check the perimeter of every room to check out the outlets (great...)
  • he loves giving Wes a high five
  • he is super ticklish
  • he pulls up on anything he can touch and has stood alone for about 3 seconds now
  • he loves to give you something and take it back only to give it to you again
  • he loves playing "Where's Eli?"
  • he loves to stand up and dance
  • he loves to feel people's faces
  • he can drink from a sippy cup if he's propped up (still working on sitting all the way up and drinking)
  • he sleeps from 8 pm to 6:30/7:00 am in his crib most of the time
  • he loves being outside
  • he can put his passy in his mouth and will freely offer it to anyone... including the dog...
  • he's found one flavor of baby food he does not like: apple vanilla with oatmeal
There are probably so many more things... I just can't think of them at this second. He's growing up faster than I expected I will say, but it's all beautiful!


Yomaida said...

Happy NINE months little guy!

You can email me at
and I will send you the invite electronically! We love making new friends. Hope you can make it!

lkalivoda said...

happy nine months!!! what wonderful adventures you guys are having!!!! PRECIOUS!!!

Taren said...

He is so stinkin cute!!

The Mellberg Family said...

Didn't this 9 months go a lot faster than the 9 months when you were pregnant.

GloryandGrace said...

Do you look back at pictures from when he was born in complete disbelief?? He's grown up so much in just 9 months!!

And Eli being 9 months old means I've almost been married that long :)

Chelsey's Chatter said...

Obviously not! You can read about what happened here.