Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snot Stew

So the ever flowing snot from Eli's little nose is really getting annoying! I do think it's bothering me more than it is him, but seriously... how can so much runny yuckiness come out of such a small person??

Last night was not so great... Eli woke up at 2:38 am kind of wimpering. I waited a little while until I heard the crying, hoping he would go back to sleep but no such luck. So, I went in, changed his diaper, gave him his paci, sucked out his nose with that bulb thing, and tried to get him to go back to bed. He wasn't having it in his crib, so I tried my bed... worse. I realized he hadn't had that much formula that day so I made him about 4 ounces and put him back in his bed. He just could not settle down. Finally I ended up rocking him and he fell asleep after talking to me awhile. For probably 15 minutes after he fell asleep I just held him and rocked him. I wasn't frustrated, I wasn't annoyed, I wasn't even tired. I just wanted to hold on to that moment when I could rock him and hold him and love on him. So sweet. After that, I put him back in bed and he didn't wake up until I had already left for work.

We've been trying to introduce him to more solid textures, like those Gerber puffs that just kind of melt in your mouth. Eli isn't really into those yet... haha... I need to get some intermediate textures though. I'm sure going from thick purees to crunchiness is kind of shocking. We went outside to sit in the shade and practice eating them... hahaha... he's not a fan... yet :)

I would also like to take a moment to welcome Camren Colley into the world! He is adorable and we are so happy for you Jen and Coby! Jen had one of the most interesting pregnancies I had ever heard of... everything from placenta previa, to bedrest, to gallbladder attacks, to a c-section, to having her gallbladder out, to a blood transfusion. But she is doing great and loving her new baby boy!

Wes is on his way home! yay!! Well... Eli just pulled over all the DVDs again so I better go do some damage control :)


Shaunna said...

Poor baby- Hope the snotty mess goes away soon!

sarahdodson said...

Your posts are always so fun to read. I guess a big part of it is b/c I have a son about the same age;)

I think those star thingies will grow on him. They're actually pretty good; I can hardly keep my daughter from eating them all!

Hope the little guy feels better soon! Snotty noses are NO FUN.

Jennifer said...

There is nothing worse than having a baby that can't sleep and is miserable. I always feel so helpless when there is really nothing that I can do to help get EmmyKate breathing again.

lkalivoda said...

oh my goodness...everytime i read your blog i picture myself there because maddox and i are living the same things as you and eli! maddox did not like the texture of those gerber puffs AT ALL!!!! he has a runny runny nose and HATES for me to clean it off....AND he has that same bib!!! hahhaha!! how cute! i hope the runny nose gets better soon and he sleeps better!!!