Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hope, Coffee, and Melody

Last night we went to The Heights to see a Robbie Seay Concert for the Hope, Coffee, and Melody Tour. We hadn't seen the guys in forever... probably since Wes was in their band, and actually Ryan and Robbie are the only ones still in the band from when Wes was there. Anyways, it was SO much fun to get out and hear some really good music and see our friends.

We left Eli with my mom for about an hour and a half and when we went to pick him up he was all snuggled up in her lap asleep! such a cutie...

This week has really flown by. Sometimes it freaks me out to see how fast time can go. I looked and I hadn't posted since Monday and I thought "what?! tomorrow is Friday!?" It just makes me want to hold on to every single day because Eli just seems to be growing way too fast!

He used to be frustrated because he couldn't sit up. When he learned to sit up he was frustrated because he couldn't move around. Now that he can crawl he's frustrated because he can't pull himself up onto everything. I just want him to slow down. I want him to just stay little for a little bit longer!

On Tuesday night Wes and I went to counseling. We've only been twice together but I hope we get to go more! We both love the whole counseling process and love to go and just soak it all in! Wes was a psychology major at ACU and I was a psychology minor. Since I'm getting my Master's in Counseling, we have been encouraged in practically every single class to go to counseling for ourselves. Obviously it is good to know what it feels like to be a client, but more than that, it's an ethical responsibility to deal with your stuff and take care of yourself. Our professors keep saying, "whatever issue you have will come walking into your door and it will be really hard to deal with that client in a constructive professional manner if you aren't taking care of yourself."

I just think that counseling is amazing. I wish everyone could go on a regular basis. It saddens me that there is such a stigma attached to going to counseling still. I'm like, really? People still think the only people who go to counseling either have serious emotional problems and they can't function in society or that they are court ordered or something or that they are about to be divorced. strange. I guess movies like What About Bob don't help that either :) I LOVE that movie! But I can't wait until I get to have my own practice someday! I'm not sure when I will be ready for that, but I love the idea of being to someone what our counselor is to us.

I think tomorrow Wes and I get to go on a date! I can't even remember the last time Wes was home on a Friday night when he wasn't working! It's going to be so much fun! Yay for Friday!


The Wilsons said...

I love the Robbie Seay band, especially their newest cd. My favorite is the Hope, Coffee and Melody song. Love, love, love it! How fun! Cute pictures too! I'm with you on counseling, I think its nothing but healthy for a couple whether they have "issues" or not. Jody and I would probably benefit from counseling weekly. :)

Whitney said...

I agree that everybody needs counseling! I think I'll hire you... can I be your first client? That's be good.

sarahdodson said...

I think you're right. Counseling makes a person think that something is wrong. I like your thoughts on it.