Monday, September 8, 2008

Girls Rule

On Sunday I got to have some much needed girl time with Meredith and Rachel! We all met at Pei Wei (along with Steven and Tyler) after a baby shower for our friend Kayla and it was SO much fun!

We are all similar in certain ways and really different in a lot of ways. Meredith and Rachel have really good ideas and I'm the one that thinks they are awesome and tries to always make a business out of them.

Meredith and Rachel can sing like angels and I am always in the audience to sing with the masses.

Rachel and I have kids and Meredith treats them like they are her own.

We are all hilarious. We all think each other are hilarious, and we all love to talk a lot!

Rachel and Meredith grew up together for a long time and then reunited in college, which is where I met them. I met Rachel through this extremely awkward situation where I basically had to act like I was in junior high again and go tell her that this guy liked her. It was really neat, and by neat I mean not at all neat.

I met Meredith through Rach I'm sure but didn't really start hanging out with her until the summer of hell 2002, and I have no idea (neither of us do) how we actually started hanging out. All I know is that both of those girls are awesome and it is seriously so much fun when we are all together! I love you girls!

Eli is crawling everywhere, all the time, and now his big thing is that he wants to pull up on everything! I can't even count the number of times he has bumped his head! I feel so awful when that happens!

Today he was at Jen's house because she was being so awesome and watching him for me since Wes is out of town. Well we were sitting on the floor, no less than 6 inches from him and he tries to pull himself up onto the wall and slipped and hit his head. No tears though, just a look of shock!

Then earlier, he was (again) pulling all the DVDs off of the DVD player and bumped his head while trying to stand up. This time the edge was kind of sharp and maybe a few tears for a few seconds and then he was on the go again. Even right this second as I type this, he's just crawling all over the kitchen floor talking and laughing! haha... gosh, he is so dang cute!

I have had to start telling him "no" now. I hate doing that! It feels like I'm telling him no a lot, and I don't know if it's because I am telling him no a lot, or if it just seems that way. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with boundaries and expectations and things of that nature, but he's only 8 1/2 months old! It just feels so weird. Anyone else have to tell their less than one year old "no"????

Rach and Steven- don't forget to plan your lovers retreat so Mere and I can watch Ellie for a weekend!


Christine said...

"Anyone else have to tell their less than one year old "no"????"

I was really worried that Mackenzie's first word would be "No" ... or that she would think her NAME was "No."

Of course, at 9 months she sat for a long time until she figured out how to PICK THE SOCKET COVER RIGHT OUT OF THE SOCKET WITH A FINGERNAIL!

So, my answer to that would be .... oh Heck-a-Diddle yeah!

Catherine said...

Eli is SO CUTE!!! I think I've been telling Makayla no since she came out!!! I MISS YOU!

Kate, Drew, and Em said...

If you think the "no" is bad now, just wait. Drew told Emily "no" the other day for throwing her pacifier because she was mad. She actually stuck that little bottom lip out and little tears formed (as if to say "I can't believe my Daddy just told me no!"). And THEN she had the nerve to come crawling to me saying "mama, mama." Of course, we had to stand as a united front, but it was super hard! She's just so darn cute!