Saturday, September 6, 2008

all we need is love

Ellie and Eli have been reunited! It's funny because this picture doesn't do the reunion justice! When they finally realized they were in the same room as each other sparks were flying! They were laughing and grabbing hands (we didn't stage any of these pictures, I promise!) and just staring at each other! It's so interesting that babies know other babies are around!

Yesterday after work I drove to Athens to hang out with Rachel and Ellie! The kids did so great and had such a fun time together! Rach and I still look at each other and go, "are these really our kids?!" or "are we old enough to be moms?!" haha... but, yep, they are ours and we love them so much!

Eli was doing his usually smile and crawl and Ellie was just cooing and talking and kicking! You don't really realize how much they have grown until you get them back together and think of when they first met. Eli is 8 1/2 months old now and Ellie is a little over 5 months old and they just seem SO big! Eli was only 3 months old and Ellie was less than a week old in this picture! wow. Time goes by much too fast!

Tomorrow we'll get to meet up again for our friend Kayla's baby shower! She's having a little boy named Cohen and we are so excited for them! I'll use the rest of this post just to show you a very tiny portion of the amount of pictures we took! haha... enjoy!


Jennifer-Colley said...

they are precious together!

Jennifer said...

What cuties! I don't think Eli can get any cuter!!!