Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! We've already had a fun day today! We went to eat breakfast with my dad and Eli at Poor Richard's and then went to Target for some Eli shopping! It's such a mom thing to do to spend money on someone else on your birthday! She got him several super cute shirts, socks, and two pairs of pants for the fall!

This Thursday Jeff is taking Eli to the Arboretum to take pictures in their giant pumpkin patch! Some of the shirts mom bought will be the perfect for the pictures! We are so excited!

Ok, back to the birthday. My dad got her a brand new camera, a great memory card, and a photo printer/copier that looks fantastic! Which is really also great because her last camera was very slow. The moment was long gone by the time her little camera decided to take the picture. good job dad!

Her sisters are coming next weekend to celebrate her birthday (and her little sister's birthday, which was yesterday: happy birthday Judy!) so I'm sure a lot of photos will be taken!

My present to her has not come in yet... surprise, surprise... but I think she likes it that way because it adds some mystery and length to her birthday! That's why I do it mom (smile)

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


Ashley McWhorter said...

LOVE all the cute clothes! Those colors WILL be perfect for the pumpkin patch!!! Can't wait to see them. :) Hope your weekend is going great!!!!

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Pam! Love the new camera, spiffy! Hope all is and miss you all!

Whitney said...

Y'all should come to Hannah's birthday! Eli would love it! And we'd love to see you!