Friday, May 18, 2007

My kids

Did I mention that I have 133 kids? Well, I do. They range in age from 15 to 18 and they have my heart. I mean, sometimes they throw my heart on the ground and stop on it a few times. But sometimes, they hold it in their precious hands and keep it safe and sound.

Today was one of those days.

High school kids are very aware. They are basically aware of everything. They've grown out of the middle school awareness, you know the kind that tells you that you might have gained weight, or that you didn't bother to fix your hair this morning. High school awareness is like that, only they don't say those things. They say things like "we've noticed you seem tired" or "are you having a bad day?". Granted, they might mean the same things, but they are much sweeter with their choice of words.

Since I've beat the whole tired thing to the ground, I won't torture you by bringing it up again. But I will say, that my 133 kids, with a few exceptions, see that I am tired and they just want to help me out. I love that. And with me being a crazy emotional person plus one, I get teary eyed just talking to them.

Anyways, all of this to say that it's Friday. It's the last Friday of the year. Final exams start on Monday and all of us at school are very excited!

So Mini Martin, if you can hear me, we are about to experience one of the highlights of being a teacher: Summer! :)


sim said...

yay! you are too funny. this blog is gonna be fun to read since i don't get to see you regularly! hang in doesn't get any better :0) you just get used to it!

love sim

Christine said...

ha! I'm laughing. I actually own a Mini Martin. It's the only thing I play (because I was not blessed with long slender fingers and/or body - so my Mini Martin has pity on my stubbiness - is that a word?).

Anywho - I play in worship every Sunday out here, so I will be thinking of your baby often! :)