Saturday, May 5, 2007

(sigh) that's much better

Alright! No craziness today!! WHOO HOO!! haha..that is much better! I got tons of sleep this morning, hung out with my sweet friend Meredith...and even though I wasn't 100% myself, I was still much better than yesterday!!! :) And that feels good.

Today was a hard eating day! I just wasn't hungry! But I ate a ton of applesauce! haha.. then I had a small chocolate frozen yogurt, half of a small fries, and about 6 million grapes! Don't worry, I'll get my protein in by the end of the day.

I really love this little baby growing inside me! Even though I miss my old semisane self, I do love it!

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Christine said...

With Mackenzie I had the weirdest eating habits. For awhile it was just green olives ... for like a week, all I ate was green olives. Then there was a Taco Bell cruncy taco phase. Then (as you probably remember from my giant lard butt when we moved to Levelland), there was a phase where whatever I saw - I had to have. Michael made me stop watching commercials. It was bad ... REALLY bad!

With Andrew, I always craved vanilla wafers and pink lemonade. Had to be both at the same time. I even ate them a certain way. WEIRD!