Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Not hungry!

For the first time in my entire life, I am not hungry. I could literally go all day and never eat anything. The only major problem with that is, I AM PREGNANT! So I have to eat something! And I mean nothing sounds good to me. At all. And honestly I was getting really scared about this. It is so hard to force feed yourself. I would go hours without eating and not even notice it because my old hunger pains are not there. Once I do remember, crap, I need to eat, then I will take about 3 bites of something and be totally done with it. Here is where my mom comes in, she is a genius!

The plan:
Take the food that I need to eat today to school. And since I can't bring myself to eat more than 3 bites of something, just have it around me all day. Take 3 bites here, take 3 bites there, and by the end of the day just make sure I've eaten all of that food! What a great plan! So, today is day one of this great plan and I'm going to try it out! I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank you Mom!


A Mere Thought said...

Oh sure, "Thank you Mom!"


Roll your eyes at Mere. Nice.

Christine said...

You're so early in (ie: the weird eating/food issues stage). Don't freak out if you haven't balanced out by the end of the day (remember my green olive story!?!).

What's really cool about God and nature and the whole miraculous functioning of making babies, is that the baby will always take from you first. Not getting enough calcium? Well, you will suffer cause that kid will suck up your supply, straight from your bones, if it has to.

God made it so that the kid comes first. You may become a shriveled up pile of poo, but your baby will happily steal the good stuff from your very own body before it will start suffering.

Pretty cool.

Granted, I don't want you to turn yourself into a shriveled up pile of poo. But just stay on your prenatal vitamins and strive to keep you both healthy. Just don't worry if some days you're just barely getting by.

Oh, and isn't it cool how our moms can be total geniuses?!? We hit our heads and think, "Well, ddeeeerrrrr!"