Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A "new" hair cut

Well, I got my hair cut today...finally... Let me start by saying that I like it, it's fine. It's pretty much like I always get my hair cut. She asked me if I wanted the swoopy bangs and as much as I wanted to say "YES!" I said "no..." because I have the fear that if that hair gets in my face and I can't get it to stay back, I might do something drastic like just cut the swoopy bangs right off! So, I opted for the original. Nothing new, nothing fabulous, but I like it :) (sigh) oh I mourn the days of dying my hair...come on 1st trimester, let's get this over with!!


Christine said...

WOW! What a radical change!!! :)~

Hey, I've had another book thrown my way (I am really hoping to become certified as a doula when the kids are a bit older, so I'm always looking at the required reading).

Anyway, I just read the back cover of "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth." I have planend on getting this book anyway, but I LOVE what she writes:

"You have no doubt gathered that this book will not be neutral. I don't profess to be any more objective than anyone else about what I think makes for optimal care. Yes, I will be trying to persuade you to my way of thinking, but with a couple of differences. First, I will play fair. I will lay out the research data behind my thinking so that you can make up your own mind. You don't have to agree with me. Second, I want to give you the ability to decide what is right for you, not necessarily what I think would be right for me. To that end, I will offer a broad range of options and compare and contrast them."

That's my kind of gal!

Christine said...

Oh, have you noticed I'm obsessed with everything to do with little people?