Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well I am definitely pregnant!

Not as if I were really questioning that anymore, but I did tell Wes on the way there that I would feel really stupid if I wasn't actually pregnant.

But I LOVED being at the doctor! It was so much fun! My first order of business was the ultrasound which was my favorite part. She was fishing around in there making sure everything was ok and just talking to us. Then she turned the screen towards our faces and said, "Well there it is." And it was SO cute! She showed us little arm buds and little leg buds and it's big ole head! And it was just squirming around in there! And it was kind of hard to see at times because she said the baby was kind of to the side/back of the sack and if it would just move forward a little it would be easier to see since there wouldn't be as much fluid. I was like, oh great. We already want it to do something and it won't do it! haha...

The baby measured to be 8 weeks and 3 days old and we thought it was 8 weeks and 1 day old so we were pretty right! The due date is 12-28-07, right in time for Christmas. He said when time gets closer, if needed, we can talk about inducing on a certain date. The baby's heart rate was at 156, which she said was nice and strong and everything looks picture perfect! Thank you Jesus!

I go back in two weeks for some blood work and then two more weeks for an exam.

I loved it! It was so much fun! (sigh) now I just have to wait until the end of August to see it again!


sim said...

I thought about you this morning! I'm so glad the appt. went well. That baby is gonna be the cutest ever! December babes are precious! one word of advice - make everyone come to you over the holidays. can't wait to see you and the baby bump.


Christine said...

Yeah ... don't induce unless you're going crazy overdue (which you might - first baby, and all). Let everyone come to you, and bring the food!! They can also clean up after themselves. You'll be monstrously pregnant. Enjoy all of the offers and ACCEPT THEM!! Happy Holidaaaayyyyyyyyssss!

Our move to Levelland was the easiest EVER ... Steve and his boys loaded us up. Eddie suprised us and had the whole house cleaned and unloaded when we arrived. I just set there and got bigger. It was awesome. People only do that when you're pregnant!