Thursday, May 17, 2007

Notes From the Underbelly

Are you people (all 3 of you...haha..) watching this show?! I mean! I LOVE it! It is such validation to see your feelings played out on television...haha... that may be sad, but you know it's true!

When Wes and I were watching it last night it got to the end where they are sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Well, guess what Wes and I were doing! Sitting on the couch eating ice cream! haha..ok, so it wasn't the hugest coincidence ever, but still! I totally felt what she was saying! Love it!

I got to spend some time with my "mommy" friends tonight, and that is always so much fun. They are just the funniest parents ever and their kids are so dang cute! Anyways, they were all eating pizza, with tomatoes, which I can't eat because I'm magically allergic to them as of last summer. But we were all laughing about the crazy preggo things like, sore boobs, being freaking tired, and doctors appointments and I just remember thinking, oh my gosh, I know exactly what they are talking about! I am one of THEM now! Funny how obvious life can be sometimes and then you still don't get it!

Nothing new really to report on the pregnancy woes. However, I am strangely craving nacho cheese gorditas from Taco Bell now. Goodbye jeans, hello sweatpants!

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Christine said...

Crazy love Notes From the Underbelly!!!