Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where have I been?

So the plan has definitely been working! YAY! I have been doing great at eating and carrying around some nutritious snacks! Way to go mom! :)

Lately it has been more of the same, but with my new system of taking a nap after school everyday I haven't been a crazy person in a while :) Which is always good news!

On Sunday (Mother's day) I received my 7 week email! I LOVE getting those updates! My little raspberry (that's how big it is) is growing so fast! It (for the lack of a better term) is getting a little apendix and pancreas, some teeth formations, it's bones are hardening...and that sick tail is getting smaller! Oh, and in less than a week I FINALLY get to go to the doctor! May 21 at 3:00 is my appointment, and I am so ready!

Now I've been doing a lot of reading on the whole eating thing since I've had so many issues with that, and it was talking about how sometimes prenatal vitamins can upset your stomach, and if you take them at night you sleep right through that! What a great idea! I have been doing that for the past few days and it works like a charm!

And then there is the whole debate about dying your hair. Ok, look, I completely know that there really isn't a need for me to dye my hair, but I've just done it for so long it totally freaks me out to think that I can't do that again for 9 months! I would feel 9 million times better about not doing it if I could read one study that would show without a doubt, it does cause actual proven harm to the baby. And yes yes, I know, believe me I KNOW that the baby comes first right now and all of that, which is fine....but can I really not dye my hair for 9 months?!?

Oh, and thanks to the wonderfully sarcastic baby-gaga.com, I have a new favorite cartoon to present to you today. Seriously..haha...this is about to be my life. I have not yet dared to step one foot even near those dang swimsuits...haha...(sigh) but, I'm pregnant right! not fat!

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Christine said...

I had to take my prenatals at night, too. I had a friend that finally had to go to two Flinstone chewables a day, because she was so sensitive. I thought it was cute - giving the baby Flinstone vitamins in utero! ha!