Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We play by different rules I think

I think pregnant women must get/have to play by different rules. For example, fiber. I know that you need to eat a lot of fiber to keep that digestive track rolling smoothly. So, I've been buying cereal with extra fiber, eating pears, apples, walnuts, rich grain breads...just anything and everything that says fiber except drinking Metamucil :) So I am quite certain that I am getting the recommended dosage of fiber a day. But, does that help my digestive track roll smoothly? NO! Not at all! I mean, am I supposed to get even more fiber? Is this a new rule I have to learn now?? Probably so.

Another rule I've learned, which I've shared many times, is that during this early stage, you need more sleep. Yesterday I went to lay down for my after school nap at about 5:00, and Wes left to go teach guitar lessons. I woke up at 9:27!! What?! And then, with no problem at all, went back to sleep an hour later! That cannot be normal, even for me who could sleep all the time anyway. But, if I don't follow my nap rule, I will be psycho the next day.

Yesterday one of my students (and remember, I've already told them all I'm pregnant) goes, "Miss Martin, when do you think you'll have kids?" Most of the class was like "UM HELLO! She's pregnant right now!!" But I was just so excited that she said that! Maybe a little hurt that she obviously isn't completely consumed with every detail of my life (smile), but very happy. Do you want to know why? Because that means I don't look pregnant yet! Although I would love to already be at that stage, it is nice to know that I'm not already gaining all kinds of weight when I'm not supposed to be. I step on the scale, it hasn't moved yet, but I feel like a huge person all the time. So thank you sweet student for noticing I'm not a fatty... yet!

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Christine said...

Kashi's "Good Friends" cereal is also awesome for the 'ole poo. There is the "pretty fiberous" kind and then the colon blow version (the one with the senior adults on the box - SMILING! ha!).

You can also mix it with one of your favorite cereals, if you don't care for the tree bark texture! ha! It's not that bad, but it's not Fruit Loops!

Congratulations. You're a mom. You just discussed poo on the worldwide web.