Sunday, August 5, 2007

Are you ready for this?!

I've been feeling the baby move!
Isn't that such a great feeling?! I wasn't sure for about a week, but I talked to my friend Sarah and now it's becoming more consistent, so I know that's what it is!! Not really consistent on when I feel it, but consistent on the type of feeling I get! I mean, I love this feeling! It's hard to think of an actual life living inside you, but now I have a sporadic reminder of it being there!

Hannah, one of my friend's that is a pediatric ICU nurse, and I were talking yesterday and she was like "wow, you're carrying low" and I was like, "I am? Well, then that makes me feel even more like I'm having a boy" and she said "maybe!" haha... so, I will continue to hold firm to my boy beliefs and all the rest of my friends still think it's a girl. And...haha...beliefs is way too strong of a word, it's more like a thought. I've met a couple of people that had these instinctual feelings of what they were having...that's not me.

Ok, back to before. I don't really feel the baby when I'm walking around, but right after I lay down, I can feel it! SO CUTE! Still kind of weird, but SO CUTE! :)

On Thursday I have a check up and then the next Thursday is the sonogram!!!


Susanlee said...

It happens because when you walk around,it rocks the baby to sleep and then when u lie down he/she's ready to party! What does it feel like??

Catherine said...

YAY! It's ALIVE!! So exciting! I carried really low too and obviously had a never know, but he/she will be precious either way!

A Mere Thought said...

Thank you Catherine. A girl it is!!!

Christine said...

Also, about a half hour after you eat a really, yummy, big, fattening meal - sit still and wait for the dancing to begin. That's about the time the baby is getting fed and is very, very happy!

I should know. I had way, way, way, WAY too many really, yummy, big, fattening meals!

Susanlee said...

So, you answered my question about the baby moving on my blog, and it got this response from my friend Terroni: "Is Amanda pregnant, or are we talking about something else? Because if not, I'm really sorry I missed out on the first half of that conversation ;)"
Thought it might give you a laugh. *hug*