Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's official. I have entered a new stage in life.

Today was our first real day of inservice back at school. I spent all day walking from room to room as if I were a student to go through the plans for the day. I didn't even stand the majority of the time, but I did do a lot more walking around than my normal lazy summer days.

I came home. I sat down in my big comfy chair, put my feet up and saw this:

Now, unfortunately, I don't have a "before" picture of what my ankles/calves/feet look like, but it doesn't look like THIS! Yes, my toes are always that freakishly long, but my feet, as you might be able to tell a bit from the bony toes, are usually really bony and narrow. I can usually see my ankle, which is obviously not apparent in the picture. And I can usually see where my leg stops and my foot begins. So not the case today.

I almost panicked. I don't know why. I just have never seen my legs this way before! I immediately rush to my ever faithful babycenter.com and read all the articles on feet swelling and see that it is normal...however, a lot of times it happens in the 3rd trimester (which of course I am not in). But, I talked to some friends, and was assured that it was definitely ok and the heat, the walking, the everything contributed to this process.

So, now I suppose I just have to get used to this being a possibility of happening frequently. I really don't know why it freaked me out so much. It's just seeing your body one way in the morning and one way in the evening...it's just...WEIRD! (sigh) but there you go.

I'll leave you with a quote from whattoexpect.com:
And also try to look on the bright side: First of all, pretty soon your belly will be so big, you won't even be able to see how swollen your feet are. Second, edema is a temporary condition — you'll deflate completely soon after you give birth.


Chelsey's Chatter said...

ok now I'm totally jealous of your inservice!

Christine said...

There are a few women that don't get cankles when they are pregnant. But they were teleported here from Mars and aren't actually normal humans. The rest of us puffed up like blowfish anytime it got above 70 degrees and we had to walk to pick up the mail!

Susanlee said...

Well, at least it doesn't hurt...

under the Eagle's wings said...

"First of all, pretty soon your belly will be so big, you won't even be able to see how swollen your feet are."

oh yea, there's something to look forward to! hahahaa