Friday, August 31, 2007

Hudson, The Rolling Stone: Chapter 2

As stated earlier, there is no need to make up anything about Hudson. No one is making fun of him, I am just clearly stating the facts as told to me by Ms. Sugar.

On to Chapter 2...

Hudson decides to yell out during the middle of class "My brother died last week and my mom died too from taking too many pills." Ms. Sugar was not going to put up with this kind of outburst again so she simply tries to talk to Hudson. Hudson, remember, is hard of hearing, so sometimes he responds to her, and sometimes he doesn't. She again decided to allow him to listen to his headphones for a little while, mainly because she was at a loss of what to do with him.

Then she decides, no, I'm going to get him to participate. While the other students are busy and in their groups, Ms. Sugar asks Hudson to become a part of one of the groups. She asks him this from the other side of the's not a huge room, but she wasn't right next to him. She thought for a moment that he didn't hear her, but she could tell he was writing something. She waited for a moment and just before she started to walk over to him, he held up a sign he had made behind his head that read "NO WAY." hahaha...sorry, even storytellers have to laugh sometimes.

The class fortunately is a very forgiving class and they try their best to get Hudson to participate, but no luck.

Ms. Sugar puts on her PowerPoint about herself, and miraculously, Hudson rolls himself to the middle of the classroom, crosses his legs into his chair, and stays completely focused until the PowerPoint is over. When it's finished, one of the students and Ms. Sugar try to get him to join a group (for probably the 10th time) and so they attempt to roll him to a group circle. Hudson, using his quick reflexes, puts the brakes down on his wheelchair and crosses his arms and scowls at them.

(sigh) There is so much more. Until Chapter 3...