Monday, August 13, 2007

It's a BOY!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all of those who doubted my "intuition"....hahaha...just kidding! I had no intuition, just a 50/50 chance! But, it's a boy!!

Oh my gosh, he is SO CUTE!!

Ok, let's start from the beginning. So we go in to the office and I am just beyond excited, of course. She puts all that goop on me and it was really really warm! As she's doing this, she asking if we want to know the sex, and of course we do. Then she prepares us by saying that sometimes they can't see. Today she was able to tell every couple except one. Their baby was curled up all asleep and would not move around for them at all! Well, considering my baby is bouncing all around pretty much all the time, I knew that wouldn't be a problem.

So, she puts that magic sono wand on me and this is the very first thing we see:

Isn't it so cute?! He's looking right at us!! So, after he gives us a couple of waves and proves that he's super squirmy, she said, "well, let's take a look and see if the baby will let us take a peek!" She moves the wand around and the baby gives us a show:

There is no mistaking it! It's a boy!!! After he flashed us a few times, it was time for him to prove his acrobatic skills. She was doing her best to take all of his leg, head, stomach, and arm measurements and he was doing his best to keep her on her toes! haha... oh my gosh, he is so cute! But, being the master sonographer she is, she was able to measure everything and he's perfect! We were able to see a very healthy placenta, amniotic fluid level, and umbilical cord. What more could you possibly ask for?

We loved loved LOVED every minute in there seeing him! He is just so amazing! And it was really cool to actually SEE all the things that I've been feeling! And even right now, as I'm typing this, he's letting me know that he is very much in there and very active. :)

So thank you to everybody for your prayers, encouraging words, and excitement! It has made, and I know will continue to make this whole process so much more meaningful! I love you guys!

Oh, and by the way, his name is Eli Cole Martin!


Chelsey's Chatter said...

A BOY!! YAY!! I love boys! I'm so jealous :0) I'm going to keep writing in exclamation marks! This is so exciting!!:0)

A Mere Thought said...

Eli Cole Martin has my heart already. I love that kid...even though I was wrong.

Chelsey's Chatter said...

ok so now I'm excited because I get to leave TWO comments! I was looking at all your friends, and this is a interesting little tidbit:
1. Runk Runkles spoke at one of the earliest youth camps I went to during high school..amazing!

2. Tobi Mac? I totally just spent the weekend with her! I am on the Sigma Phi Lambda Angelo State Alumni Council (say that 10 times fast!) We just had our Phi Lamb Officers Retreat in Midlothian all this weekend. She is amazing! So basically looks like you have amazing friends! :0)

Christine said...

HA! You got the big, giant penis shot too!


Susanlee said...

Someday he is going to be super embarrassed to have had naked pictures on the internet *grin* I am sooo happy and excited for you. And I love love love his name!!

under the Eagle's wings said...

AHH!!! congratulations!! that is soo amazing!!!!!!! eli cole martin is an adorable name

congrats again!! =D

Jennifer-Colley said...

yeah!!! I love the shot of his you know what! He wanted you to know that he was for sure a boy! I love the name yall picked out! Super cute!!! congrats!

Ms. Collier said...

LOVE the name! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! I get to teach 4th grade, to answer your question. I am just so excited for you!!!!! When is your due date?

Cheryl said... are way to cute to be a pregnant lady! I looked like a cow!...not fair!! You and Wes will make amazing parents! Congrats!!