Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Becoming Jane

If you haven't seen that movie, GO SEE IT! I (being the avid movie lover that I am) completely loved this movie! And in honor of Jane, I watched Pride & Prejudice tonight with Wes, and it was so good...again! Did I mention that Wes is home all week and that I love that?!?!

Well today I went and moved stuff from my old room at school into my new room at school. I don't have my new room set up, but I feel such a load off by at least getting my things in there! Thanks to our sweet custodial staff, I personally didn't have to move the big stuff! I'll have to take some pictures when I get it all set up. Now, high school rooms by far are usually not as cool as elementary school rooms, but at least you can have a mental picture of where I'll be every day starting August 27. :)

Now that I know what the baby feels like when he's moving around, I feel it much more often! (and the fact that he's getting bigger...yes I'm saying "he" Mere, but no I don't know yet...) Wes has finally been able to feel him move around which he thought was SO cool! Nothing really new to report...except that I am still waiting ever so patiently until August 16 to find out what I'm having!!

And a final note: all of my dear sweet friends who don't have blogs, I think that you should make one! all of my dear sweet friends who have blogs but haven't updated them for over a year (ahem), I think that you should update them! Love you all!

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Susanlee said...

Oh my gosh!I cannot wait to see that movie! Justin and I hardly ever go, something always seems to come up, so the list keeps getting longer and longer...glad to have a recommendation on this one!