Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sneaky, sneaky!

Here we are!

We just got home from the doctor's office! It was so fun for several reasons! First of all, Wes was able to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! It was so cute! as usual... and then in addition to the heart beat all you hear was this craziness happening in womb. That craziness just happened to be our sweet little baby sloshing around in amniotic fluid! Sounds sick, I know, but this little guy moves around all the time (as I'm sure most babies do) and I feel him a lot! The doctor just laughed and said how a baby acts in the womb is how they act out of the womb (smile). Very funny doc. So, as far I know, I have a little spaz on my hands! haha...either way, I loved it! It was so fun!

Now to the sneaky, sneaky part. As I've mentioned, about 8 million times probably, I had my sonogram scheduled for next Thursday, August 16. Well, when we were paying today I said to the nicest receptionist ever, "Hi, um, do you have any sonogram appointment times open on MONDAY?!" My heart is racing and I'm praying that they do!! She opens up the book, there is an open spot for 1:30 and I said "I'll take it!!" So I changed my appointment to 4 days from now!!! it wasn't that sneaky...BUT it is still very very exciting to me! I hope I wasn't supposed to be learning some sort of patience lesson by originally scheduling it for Thursday, but I'll just take it as a sign since there was an opening that I wasn't!

Alrighty! Monday, August 13 at 1:30 I'll be finding out if it is a BOY or GIRL!!

To keep with the spirit of things, I decided to take these tests to see how accurate they really are. :)

Test #1 Chinese Gender Chart says that I will be having a GIRL
Test #2 Old Wives Tale Gender Predictor says that I will be having a GIRL
Test #3 Gender Quiz says that I will be having a GIRL
Test # 4 Chinese Time Zone Gender Predictor (which I think is the same as the first one) also says that I will be having a GIRL


Susanlee said...

This is the most exciting thing EVER!! I literally squealed! I think if you were supposed to be learning patience that maybe there wouldn't have been a Monday appointment available so there.

Christine said...

Probably more info than you care to know:

Andrew was conceived toward the end of my cycle, meaning that I was not completely "done." (told ya - TMI)

Scientists have proven that male sperm swim faster but die faster. Female sperm swim slower but live longer.

We were planning on starting to try for baby #2 in the coming year, so I was already paying attention to my cycle again, and marking ovulation on my calendar (I cycled and ovulated like CLOCKWORK!).

Anywho ... long story longer ... the night that the Andrew sperm made it's way to hang out in my innards was seven full days before I ovulated.

All the way around, he should have been a girl.

I didn't believe the ultrasound chic when she told me. "But we had sex a WEEK before I ovulated, and my daughter is really colicky and never sleeps and so it was the ONLY time that whole month that we had sex!!! It should be a girl!" She laughed, blew up his penis the size of Alaska on the screen and said, "It's a boy."

Then I started getting bigger, and it was obvious to the world - I was carrying a boy! Do you remember that? My stomach had its own zip code!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

Hi Amanda! I'm not sure if you remember me, but our families lived together in Claude where my dad was a coach. I came across your blog from Sarah Collier's myspace page, and just wanted to say hi! Congrats on the new baby!
Chelsey Snodgrass

Chelsey's Chatter said...

Yay! I wasn't sure if you'd remember me or not..guess so! :0)Yes, I've lived in Rockwall about a year. I moved here last year when I got a job teaching here. I love it! I'm still pretty new, so I wasn't sure where Wylie was..I knew somewhere near, but not exactly where. I'm glad we're so close though! Your mom and dad also live in Wylie right? I'm so glad that we found each other in the blog's pretty much my obsession now! Haha..I didn't think I'd be a good blogger either, but I'm actually keeping up with it! So soon you get to find out if you're having a boy or girl?! So exciting!!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, but your dog has weird ears and is for sure getting really fat.