Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I may not win Wife of the Year

Today was such a great day! Inservice was fine. Nothing too spectacular to mention there. But when I got home, some wonderful things happened!

Wonderful thing #1: Wes was home!! Yay! Did I mention how much I adore when he is home?? So, I was very happy! He leaves tomorrow, comes home tomorrow night, leaves Friday, and comes home Sunday. So I love today!

Wonderful thing #2: I talked to my dearest Rachel. Rachel lives in Abilene and recently found out that she is pregnant. She woke up yesterday and noticed she was bleeding (very scary). She called the doctor and they had her come in today for some blood work. All of her blood work was normal, so they decided to go ahead and do a sonogram (lucky!). So, they did that, she was able to see her 3 millimeter in length 6 week old baby that is doing just fine! Everything looks wonderful and in 2 weeks she still gets to go back and have her regular 8 week doctor date and sonogram! Thank you Jesus!

Wonderful thing #3: I got my grades in the mail from my graduate classes! And guess what? I made A's in both classes! Whoo hoo!! I took a moment to capture my excitement.

So, I am now a full 9 hours into my counseling program and have managed to keep A's in all classes. (smile) I am so proud!

Why I may not win Wife of the Year: Wes is cooking himself dinner. haha... Now, I do not regularly cook like a home cooked meal. But I usually do make him whatever I'm eating! hahaha.. anyways, today he is making himself some home made soup. I love that he's doing that but for some reason it sort of makes me feel kind of bad! I don't feel bad when he cleans the house, does the dishes, and washes his clothes...haha...but I do kind of feel bad when he's cooking his own meal. He knows I feel bad about it so he purposefully makes sad faces when he's cooking...haha... how rude :)


Susanlee said...

Oh please you're totally wife of the year. Next time he makes a sad face in the kitchen say "well honey, today I made a lung" that'll get him! *grin* He does look very cute slaving away though...

I haven't cooked anything more complicated than pasta and home made sauce since winter, but when it gets cold I like to bake things and make soups. Also, I have that exact stove, chili pot and chopper in my kitchen. Fancy!

Ms. Collier said...

I hope you're right! I'm so glad you had a great day! I'm sure that your hubby appreciates all that you do for him despite one (or ten) ;) meals he has to cook for himself! Hope the rest of your week goes well! We have open house tomorrow night and dedication for the new building (that isn't technically ours) on Friday.

Chelsey's Chatter said...

hey what's your e-mail address?