Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm baaaacckkkk!

Sorry for the long stretch of zero blogs! To keep everything short and sweet, here's the rundown:

Tuesday: Internet went down (along with the TV and phone)- I worked in my room up at school and cleaned house

Wednesday: Internet still down- from 6:30-4:00 I was up at school doing new teacher induction for the new hires (who are fabulous by the way!). from 5:00-2:00 am I was up at The Village Church for Jeff Johnson's CD release party! It was really good and I think everyone enjoyed it, and obviously we didn't get home until late!

Thursday: Verizon guy comes around 12:00 to fix everything! He was really nice and he fixed everything in like 20 minutes! YAY! Decided to just hang out with Wes all day...loved it!

Friday: Slept in a little, got ready, from 12:00-4:00 I was helping with registration at Wylie High School, 4:30-9:00 we went to see April and Carol (Wes' sister and mom) and had Chinese take out which was delicious! LOVE YOU GIRLS! And then we went up to the hospital.

Jeff Johnson's father was having chest pains and it looks like he'll be having bypass surgery very soon. Please keep that sweet family in your prayers. Yesterday was his 60th birthday and he spent the whole day in the hospital, but with very compassionate and qualified doctors. We stayed up there with them for awhile, and we're waiting to see when the surgery will be. When things like that happen so unexpectedly, it really helps keep life in perspective. We are all just so thankful to our merciful God that they went to the hospital here where his family could be with them. Please pray for Larry.