Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life Unscripted

Today was our last day of inservice. Tomorrow we get the whole day to work in our rooms and that is fantastic! I'll try to take my camera up there to take some pictures, but I have a feeling Wes will steal it and take it this weekend. And then, kids come on Monday!! yikes! haha...

I just wanted to tug at your heart for a moment and talk about my friend Jamie. Jamie is an acquaintance of mine from my good ole Hardin-Simmon days. She is my age, she was my RA when I lived in Ferguson, and she is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet inside and out. (She braved coming up the stairs to my floor one night to check on us because some of the girls on our hall were having a huge screaming fight...haha...) Anyways, I don't know Jamie as well as I want to, but I do know that she's precious. Not to long ago, on August 10, Jamie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It seems most women have a special place in their heart for those with breast or ovarian cancer, even though men can also get breast cancer. Not to ever downplay any other type of cancer, it just seems like that's true. I particularly have a special place in mine just because my aunt died of breast cancer during her 30s when her boys were very very little. Her situation basically was a doctor made a fatal mistake by not catching it when she went in the first time, fortunately, that's not Jamie's case. Please take time to check out Jamie's new blog at least once, and then please pray for whatever she asks you to pray for. Jamie loves Jesus and is a fighter, but anything we can do to help this process, I pray we do.

And while you're on your knees, please pray for Jeff Johnson's dad. Tomorrow he has triple bypass surgery. Everyone knows that's a huge deal as well.

Thank you sweet friends! Much love to you all!

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